How to make Lightening black soap

How to make lightening black soap It’s a gradual process. Don’t be in a hurry to see results. This is lightening soap brightens your colour and make it glow.

lightening soaps are amazing because you have no fear of skin damages or blemishes because there isn’t any form of harsh chemicals all ingredients listed are all Organic.

Most of these ingredients can be gotten in organic stores.


1. 500g African black soap
2. 2 tablespoon kojic acid powder
3. 2 tablespoon alpha Arbutin
4. 5 tablespoon Tumeric powder
5. 10 tablespoon goat milk powder or
6. 10 tablespoon powdered milk
7. 5 tablespoon coconut oil
8. Quarter cup licorice extract
9. Quarter cup camwood
10. 30ml whitening glycerin
11. 10 tablespoon honey
12. 5 tablespoon carrot powder or 3 well blended carrots
13. 200ml lemon juice
14. 2 tablespoon preservative (for soap)
15. Lukewarm rice water



1. In a bowl cut your soap into smaller tiny pieces and pour small quantity of Luke warm rice water to dissolve.

2. In a another bowl, add kojic acid and alpha arbutin together and add very small quantity of warm water to dissolve. Stir until well dissolved.

3. Pour in your dissolved kojic acid and alpha arbutin into already dissolved black soap and stir to mix properly.

4. Add in other ingredients one after the other according to there measurements and continue to stir thoroughly.

5. Lastly Add your preservative and stir properly until well mixed.

6. Pour into a container for use.

Adding preservatives to your black soaps are optional, but if you’re using a blended carrot, water you need to add preservative so your soap won’t get spoilt or color changes.

Black soaps are nice on the skin but lightening black soap are more amazing visible results can be seen btwn fourteen (14) days of usuage, it’s a gradual process but the end result are worth it.

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